Cosmetic Tattooing Rouse Hill – Eyebrow feathering


Healed brows and fresh eyeliner tattoo



Tuesday 13 November 2pm

Cosmetic Tattooing is available via a fully qualified, insured and hygienic technician at DNA Beauty Therapy Rouse Hill

Eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, beauty spot and more all available by qualified technician with over 10 years experience.

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All new bookings will require a non-refundable $100 deposit to secure the booking and your consultation time, this is included in the below prices. 

All touch up and colour boost appointments require a non-refundable $50 booking fee, this is included in the below costs. Deposit payments to be made at time of booking.

For example an eyebrow tattoo appointment is a total cost of $700. This includes your initial appointment and 1 touch up/perfecting appointment. So you would pay as follows –

  • $100 deposit paid at time of booking to secure your spot
  • $450 on day in cash
  • $50 booking deposit for touch up (usualy 1-2 weeks prior, we call you to arrange)
  • $100 on day in cash

Some clients (approx 1 in 5 people) will require a 2nd touch up to obtain your desired look. As the skin is a live tissue, the ink reacts differently with each individual. When done within 12 months this is an additional $250.

Tattoo Pricing – (please note, cash only on the day. Deposits can be paid by card)

Eyebrow tattoo – shading technique$550
Eyebrow tattoo – hair stroke/feathering technique(embroidery)$550
Eyebrow tattoo – combination technique$550
Eyeliner upper$500
Eyeliner lower$350
Eyeliner upper and lower$650
Eyeliner with shadow$550
Lash line enhancement$400
Full lips$600
Beauty spot$250
Touch up within 3-6 weeks – eyeliner & eyebrows$150
Touch up within 3-6 weeks – lips$150
Colour boost before 12 months – eyeliner or eyebrows$250
Colour boost before 12 months – lips$300
Colour boost from 12 to 18 months – eyeliner or eyebrows$300
Colour boost from 12 to 18 months – lips$350
All procedures after 18 months at full price
Eyebrow Tattoo Rouse Hill

Eyebrow tattoo before and straight after

Eyeliner tattoo Rouse Hill

Eyeliner Tattoo straight after application

eyebrow tattoo before and after

Eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo straight after application

On the day of procedure please expect the following:

On the day of the procedure the shape, colour and suitable technique that best compliments client’s features will be established, and the client will fill out a health state questionnaire and an indemnity agreement. There will be pictures taken of “before” and with the new sketch. Then anaesthetic will be applied and equipment and colours be prepared. After achieving a comfortable level of pain control the procedure will be performed, and pictures taken of “after”.

feathered browsAfter the procedure aftercare guidelines will be explained in detail and an aftercare product will be provided to ensure quick healing. The application of cosmetic tattoo usually doesn’t cause severe adverse reactions. Some redness and swelling may be expected but will subside within about 2 hours after the procedure. Please note that immediately after the procedure and predominantly the next day, cosmetic tattooing appears much darker than it would appear after the healing is complete, this may take 3 to 6 weeks.

On day 4 after the procedure, skin on the treated area will begin to peel (eyebrows, eyeliner) revealing the true colour of the new cosmetic tattoo. However, colour immediately after peeling appears quite light – gaining more intensity as skin heals. Skin peeling is usually completed by day 7. Lips take slightly longer to heal.

To achieve good results with the right intensity of colour, minimum 2 and sometimes 3 or more applications are required, colour needs to be built gradually to avoid eyebrows to be too dark, or – vice versa, to make eyeliner thicker and darker. For eyebrows in combination technique shading on the first application and hair stroke on the second application are performed.

Clients need to understand that cosmetic tattooing is NOT a one-go procedure, it is performed on a live tissue, it involves healing, and healing is different for each individual.

Please note that if you are planning to have a lip tattoo done and you have previously had cold sores caused by a virus that stays with a human forever, you would need to take special medication before, during and after procedure to avoid outbreak.

Micro-blading Feather Touch Brow Embroidery Technique is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow feathering and is now making techniques like block tattoo obsolete. Very fine hair-like strokes are penetrated into the basal membrane which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin.

What you need to know when considering cosmetic tattooing

When considering cosmetic tattooing, the most important task you have is to find a Specialist that you trust.

A good specialist should be able to demonstrate an extensive portfolio of work done, present equipment and materials being used for the procedure, the premises, where procedures are performed, need to be certified for skin penetration procedures.

It is advisable that you schedule a consultation with your specialist and ask to draw your desired cosmetic tattoo enhancements in pencil to see if you like the result.

Special offers

Special offers for new clients:

  • $100 discount on the total price if a client chooses to have two procedures in one session.
  • $150 discount on the total price if a client chooses to have three procedures in one session.